Sadia Sanusi is a Ghanaian fashion designer and the creative director of the bespoke tailoring and fashion house since June 2012. Born in Accra, Ghana to Ghanaian parents, Sadia is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design. Sadia had an informal training interning at her mother’s studio in Accra but also invested time and resources particularly buying fashion e-books on a regular basis to abreast herself with trends in fashion design. One of the brand's recent achievement was as a winner of the award for Best Event Designer in 2019 in Ghana.


Growing up, Sadia was interested in everything art but fashion came naturally to her partly because she is the fourth generation of a family of fashion designers. She is particular about outfits, appearances, and constantly getting herself updated with the latest trends in fashion. Starting as a hobby she eventually became passionate and decided to build a business with the objective of o bridging the gap of inequalities gap within the world with fashion.

While it may be a cliche, Sadia prefers to mention that she owes her inspiration to God. He is the God of all things and has shown us what the utmost level of what creativity is. Moreover, Sadia's mother has also been a great source of inspiration for my life. She is an epitome of an independent, strong woman and these values have inspired the establishment of Sadia Sanusi. Every Sadia Sanusi apparel represents a “confident, independent strong figure” and this is what we term “sexy” at Sadia Sanusi.

Sadia Sanusi made its international debut in June 2018 as we honored an invitation to exhibit our work at the GUBA fair organized in the United Kingdom.  Sadia Sanusi is also very passionate about impacting the lives of the young generation through fashion and is working tirelessly to extend its CSR to nurture young millennial minds who have the zeal for fashion to prepare them for the future. The vision is to grow this initiative through periodic seminars, internships and formal training in our future fashion school.