About The Designer


Coming from 3 generations of women with a natural talent for design and sewing, Sadia Sanusi is a self-taught designer who, by the young age of 9, had learned to sew by observing and helping out at her mother's studio.

 With a passion for designing, sewing, and the whole art of fashion, she started a women's ready-to-wear business after her tertiary education. However, due to the high demand for bridal wear, especially gowns for traditional marriage ceremonies, Sadia Sanusi officially launched her eponymous fashion house in 2016 to curate convivial, custom- gowns and bridal wear for today's trendy woman.

 Sadia Sanusi believes in creating timeless garments for women that highlight their confidence by creating a silhouette that highlights their desired features and builds on their imperfections through the right cuts, arrangements of pattern, and techniques that eventually illuminate their beauty.

 Sadia Sanusi is all about inspiring and empowering women through fashion. She appraises herself with contemporary sewing methods, tools, and skills to become a successful fashion designer. Her fashion-forward approach to crafting unique bridal gowns is praiseworthy. She aces the art of designing wedding dresses that comprise both soft romanticism and traditional bridal drama. 

 Her extensive experience, imaginative interpretations and desire to capture clever aesthetics have provided a foundation for an unrivaled take on bridal wear. Besides, Sadia Sanusi’s ability to combine traditional and contemporary design with superior fit and an uncompromising focus on the quality of construction has garnered a lot of appreciation. Her eloquent approach is defined by opulent detailing and diligent understanding of the female form. All her gowns are created from the finest quality fabrics and stunningly accented with exquisite embroidery. 

 Sadia Sanusi believes that every creation should leave a long-lasting impression while giving a fresh perspective through fine detailing, striking laces, and chic silhouettes. The ultimate goal that keeps her fueled with the gist to consistently come up with fresh designs is to stir a sense of belonging and power in African women via fashion. She wonderfully captures the distinct personality of each bride in her designs. In addition, her designs are customized to ensure an appropriate fit for every body type. 

 Check out the vast selection of dresses designed by Sadia Sanusi and relish the refined craftsmanship. Along with bridal gowns, she is skilled at creating modern yet timeless bridesmaid dresses that emanate understated beauty. Sadia Sanusi's collection is for the couture brides who love modern structure with a hint of detail.